Things You’ll Never Hear a Candidate for Dad of the Year Say to Their Kid

    • NO! Of course I didn’t pay that bigger kid, from down the street, to toughen you up! Now, go get daddy another beer.


    • Next time, I bet you’ll remember that the shotgun has a strong kick. Pick your teeth up and let’s go inside.


    • How was I supposed to know that it was a poisonous snake?!? Put some ice on it and don’t tell mom.


    • Sorry I forgot you were stuck in that tree since yesterday. In my defense though, it’s your mom’s fault too. Some of those sexts she was sending me were off the chain! Want to read them?


    • Hey son. Would mind focusing this camera in properly? Me and your momma are about to make an amateur video.


Todd Massey – the “Stay-at-Home Dad” is “Stay-at Home Bad.” Join Mr. Massey as he lends his unique voice on fatherhood, marriage and getting kicked out of PTA Meetings.

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Written by: Todd Massey

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