The Girls at Bad Bunny Explain Strip Club Etiquette

The Girls at Bad Bunny Explain Strip Club Etiquette

If you’re a casual strip club customer understanding and obeying the unspoken rules of the club will guarantee you maximize your enjoyment. In order to ensure you and your buddies have one awesome night you need to avoid some common mistakes. Luckily the girls from Bad Bunny are here to educate you on the etiquette of strip clubs, making sure you don’t go home with your ego deflated, pockets empty and overall unsatisfied.

Don’t get grabby

The dancers will let you know if there is any touching privileges, but if they don’t say don’t even bother asking. Think of us strippers as art, and the strip club like a museum, you can look but you can’t touch. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and sometimes the performers will let you get a bit grabby, but always remember to ease into this if allowed. Going in and slapping any strippers ass super hard is a one way ticket to the exit with the bouncers.

Stay off the dance floor

Okay we all love to go out to the club and get our dance on, but well the strip club is not the place for your inner Michael Jackson to come out. If you are not working for the strip club, please sit down, at best you will look silly and goofy. At worst, you’re stealing potential dollars and attention from the dancers, best just to leave the dancing in your room where no one can see you.

Dress code

Guys please for the love of God don’t wear any athletic shorts, sweatpants or thin pants. You may think this is the type of place you can get away with free balling it, but it is NOT. Trust us bunnies if you don’t want all the dancers to avoid you like the plague whilst in the strip club. Leave those stained sweatpants at home.

Tip like a baller

Remember that it’s all about the money baby. If you are planning on going to the strip club and not spending a dime my advice is this, don’t go to the strip club. Just like if you went to the hairdresser, massage therapist or any other service provider you are going to spend cash and the strip club is no different. Splashing out and giving generous tips defiantly catches all the girls attention, soon you will have your pick of the girls to perform for you, and trust us when we say that the more you spend the better the night.


We strippers are here for one thing and one thing only, your entertainment. Leave all that stress from your nine to five grind at home and just relax when you’re at a strip club. Too often guys come in nervous, not knowing what to expect. Deep breaths boys, we won’t bite and we are never going to force you into doing anything you don’t want to do. The strip club is a place of fun so come in with that mindset and you will have a great time.

Visit the Bunnies for more etiquette tips . . . and fun.

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