The Five Magic Words a Woman Wants to Hear

Those five magic words are not I-WANT-TO-MARRY-YOU.

They are not I’M-IN-LOVE-WITH-YOU.



Break Through A Woman’s Hesitation

How wonderful it is when a guy asks a woman out and says, enthusiastically, “I know a great place!” instead of the uncertain, “So whaddya you wanna do?” When a guy says I-KNOW-A-GREAT-PLACE, he’ll break through a woman’s hesitation. It doesn’t even matter what that “great place” is. Just the fact he takes charge and demonstrates that he has a happening life already makes him more appealing.

A man can have a lot more success with a woman if he makes plans for the first few dates – to places that are interesting, that perhaps she’s never been too. He doesn’t have to take her to an amusement park (especially on the first date or two, which should be at a place where they could talk face to face), but he should definitely choose the venue, and have a list of options in his “pocket.” Then, if the date is going well, he can then suggests new places to carry the date forward, building their bond and memories.

For the third of fourth date, take her bike riding by the beach, go for a hike, eat dinner at a well-reviewed restaurant, have a drink at a cool bar, go to an art gallery, or invite her to a party. The possibilities are limitless—and they don’t have to be expensive.

You Have To Step-Up

Some men want to think their presence should be valuable enough. “I just have to be myself,” they might argue. Yes, they should be themselves—the best of themselves: interesting, fun, inquisitive, proactive, and giving. So if you’re unsure of a woman’s desire to accept your offer for a date, give her the added value of I-KNOW-A-GREAT-PLACE. Men might also think, “why do I have to do all the work?” The answer is because she’s not sure if she’s into you, and she can take you or leave you unless you step up.

Those Five Magic Words

It’s not just about a woman’s materialistic desire to experience the world on a man’s dime. When a man takes women out on fun and interesting dates, he demonstrates that he wants to spend time with her, that he’s attentive, that he likes to be with her in public (as opposed to just the bedroom), that he could be a man. Actions speak louder than words, except for those magic words (repeat after me): I-KNOW-A-GREAT PLACE!

Olyvia Apple is the author of Amazon Kindle bestseller “Survival of the $h#!test,” the ultimate guide to passing a woman’s “test,” known in “pick-up” lingo as the “$h#! Test.” And while the title of the eBook is crude, Olyvia is actually a very refined “hot babe” – she culls from her Master’s degree in philosophy and her personal experience to understand the female psyche and help men win a woman’s heart. You can contact her at

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Written by: Olyvia Apple

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