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A couple months back, racist nerds everywhere were freaking out about the character from the Fantastic Four The Human Torch being played by black actor Michael B. Jordan. Many of them were even calling for a boycott of the film. Luckily for those nerds, that movie was a giant turd and bombed bigtime in the box office due to its general mediocrity and an ill-advised tie-in with Denny’s which almost alluded to the film’s crappiness. However, the internet backlash against the film’s casting left a bad taste in the mouth of many more rational movie and comic book fans who didn’t really see a black Human Torch as that big of a deal.

There was a similar uproar when rumors emerged that Idris Elba could take over the James Bond franchise after Daniel Craig’s departure. Despite Elba’s renowned excellence, a lot of people purely resisted the idea based upon the color of his skin and the fact that Bond has always been played by a pasty white British guy.

Well another franchise dominated by generally Caucasian British guys is now under fire by irrational nerdy racists for including a black protagonist in its latest installment. After the debut of the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, anti-social injustice warriors took to twitter asking fellow white Star Wars fans to boycott the film for including black actor John Boyega as one of the key protagonist citing J.J. Abrams as a radical “Jewish activist” who chose Boyega not due to his acting but because he’s intent on bringing about the “white genocide.”

If Cultural Marxists are intent on destroying the white race for some particular reason, then Hollywood casting calls might be a very ineffective way of kicking off the race war.

If Cultural Marxists are intent on destroying the white race for some particular reason, then Hollywood casting calls might be a very ineffective way of kicking off the race war. How many people are really going to be upset by a black guy in the new Star Wars when one of the most iconic figures of the series was played by Billy Dee Williams? Or, how many people, besides the Breitbart crowd, are going to side with neo-Nazis urging them to boycott the franchise when the film’s antagonists are one of the most thinly veiled allusions to the Nazis of World War II in film history? It’s hard to deny that this sort of backlash is rooted in the far-right lunatics lurking in the internet’s crevices as most of the people calling for the boycott have already exposed themselves to be staunch Donald Trump supporters. They’re basically admitting to being the bad guys here. In fact, conservative pundit Bill Kristol recently tweeted that there was: “no objective evidence Empire was ‘evil.’ A liberal regime w meritocracy, upward mobility. Neocon/reformicon in spirit.” He continued: “Needless to say, I was rooting for the Empire from the first moment. It was a benevolent liberal empire, after all.” Basically, Kristol is attempting some sort of Sith Lord Mind Trick here because he seems to ignore the fact that leaders within the Empire frequently killed people with dissenting views, murdered indigenous people, and destroyed entire planets.

Okay, maybe the Empire is inherently Caucasian after all. Perhaps to cater to this crowd, Lucas Films can possibly work some of that old school magic that has made them so famous in the past couple of years and plaster Ted Cruz over the face of John Boyega for special all-white screenings of The Force Awakens.

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