How To Make Valentine’s Day Special For Her

Valentine’s Day might just be another commercial holiday for you, devised by the greeting card, flower and chocolate industries, but for your significant other or partner it’s a day filled with romance. Even though she might partake in your same sentiment regarding the one day of the year that’s totally devoted to love, deep down inside she still would like some grand gesture of love (or a deep like if things aren’t there yet) from you. With V-Day fast approaching, it’s probably time to start thinking about ways you’d like to celebrate it with your girlfriend, wife or that new girl you meet a few months ago and are casually dating (hey, it can lead to something more and if it does, she’ll hold this one Valentine’s Day against you). Although it’s not your all-time favorite holiday, the woman in your life still yearns to feel special. To help earn you extra romance points, here are a few ways to make this year’s Valentine’s Day special for her:

Make it all about her

If there’s absolutely one thing you take away from reading this it’s to make Valentine’s Day all about her. Sure, she might get you a Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s up to you to do all the planning and make it special. She’ll expect for you to make the dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant (or cook her favorite meal or whatever you’re good at), rent the most romantic flick you know of and get her a special gift. Just remember that it’s all about her and as long as you do, she’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s Day regardless if you take her to an expensive restaurant or simply veg out in front of the TV and watch all the rom-coms on Netflix.

Make a plan

Don’t go into Valentine’s Day thinking you’re going to wing it because she’ll totally know if you did. You at least want to show her that you put some type of thought and effort into trying to make the day special for her. So whatever you do, don’t make last minute plans and start thinking about what you’d like to do for her at least two weeks before (or more if you plan to take her out someone since reservations are already full for that day). She’ll really appreciate the thought and will definitely reward you for it later (wink!).

Give her a gift

Even though all the jewelry ads make it seem that’s what women want for Valentine’s Day (even though she won’t say no to it), it’s not something you have to buy. In fact, the perfect Valentine’s gift doesn’t even have to be something store bought! You can write her a poem or tell her how much you feel for her in a homemade card and she’ll love it. The more unique and heartfelt the gift is, the more she’ll cherish it. And to provide something for you from the gift, get her sexy lingerie (in her size, so make sure you either ask or check her lingerie drawer for the right measurements) so that you’ll get enjoy it later!

Be Yourself

If your relationship is anything but fancy gifts and restaurants, don’t force it on Valentine’s Day. She’ll feel out of her element and your special Valentine’s Day might not come off as sincere. Instead of trying too hard to make it special, simply plan something that you know she’ll appreciate – no matter how small or laid back that might be. The fact that you planned it on your own and went out of your way to make it special for her is enough to make her swoon this Valentine’s Day! So there you have it Martians – some tips on how to make V-Day special for the woman in your life! Kristie Bertucci Real is an L.A.-based writer who specializes in lifestyle pieces. She holds a B.A. from UCLA and an MBA from La Verne University. She loves to write about relationships, health, music, parenting and fashion. When she’s not writing, she loves to read and binge on her favorite TV shows, as while as spend time with her family and close friends.

Make Valentine’s Special For Her and Yourself!

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Written by: Kristie Bertucci Real

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