Dating, to some, is a form of art. With the right words, right looks, and right emotions a date could turn into something more. If you know how to be romantic and win a girl over, date night is your favorite night. There’s something amazing about seeing something you say or do, resonate with a girl and you see her fall deeper and deeper for you. One single sweet talked sentence could send sparks flying, it could make all the work you put into the date seem like it was all worth; worth it to the point where you would do it a thousand times more. A date was an art form but this art now has a new painter in town, and that new painter is Tinder.

Biggest Enemy?


Tinder essentially wipes out all of buildup and suspense when trying to figure out if a girl is into you.

To those who put time and effort into dating, Tinder is their biggest enemy. Tinder essentially wipes out all of buildup and suspense when trying to figure out if a girl is into you. If you swipe right and she swipes right that’s societies way of saying “let’s get it on.” Taking the time to court a women is now cut down by almost 100 percent, what once used to take you days of work and heartache trying to get her number and get her to notice you, can now be done in the swipe of your finger. This begs the question, has Tinder helped or hurt dating?

Speed Dating

When you look at the positives Tinder is technologies speed dating. It cuts out all the awkwardness from the start, you both swiped right meaning you both found something attractive in the other. That can also be its biggest negative though, your match is based solely on the others picture. You’re initial connection is based off physicality and nothing else. You can go on many dates with someone and avoid telling them how you view them in an attractive/not attractive way, but Tinder bypasses that. From the start you know you are both somewhat finding the other attractive. The conversation that comes after the initial swipe is the make or break moment, some people are just searching for a hookup while others are searching for “the one” but that’s what makes Tinder interesting. Which is why part of me doesn’t agree that Tinder is ruining dating, because even after the initial swipe you then have to weed out who fits you and who doesn’t fit you. Attraction is determined the second you swipe right, the rest all still has to fall into place.


Does Tinder bypass a lot of the generic dating principals? Yes, I believe it does. It makes two people who have a physical attraction find each other easier, but the biggest downfall of Tinder comes from something that is unavoidable. This is the fact that Photoshop exists, tall blonde model you’re falling for might actually be a short ginger. Hell she might not even be a girl. Forrest Gump would have said “Tinder is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” I believe in old fashioned dating, call me a hopeless romantic but I don’t want to tell my future children I met their mother on an app. I want a love at first sight, not a love at first swipe. Men should have to put in the work themselves to find a women, go the extra mile, winning a girl over who worked on from scratch will be 10 times more rewarding than winning a girl over on Tinder. Has Tinder ruined dating? That’s for you to decide, but for me it hasn’t. It’s just helped weed out the guys who care enough to make something work and the guys who want to lay back and hope something comes to them. Mars Explore Further

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  Dan LaMorte is a 20 year old NYC based stand-up comedian and comedy writer. Dan is one of the younger comics on the scene but don’t let that fool you! He can often be seen performing at the New York Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Caroline’s on Broadway, and many others. Dan can also be seen on the road from time to time, mostly in the NY/NJ/PA/CT areas. He recently made his television debut where he was featured on Fox 5 Good Day NY telling jokes and being interviewed. Dan is also the producer of “Fight Club Comedy” a monthly pro-comedy show at Durden Bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Follow him on twitter @DanLaMorte

Written by: Mr. LaMorte

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