Find A T-Shirt and Sunglasses Right For You, Bro!


Let’s face it. T-shirts are the staple piece of every man’s wardrobe.

You fellas throw them on day in and day out and go about your business like it’s nothing.

T-shirts are a no brainer and I’m sure that’s why you guys love them, but what actual thought do you put into buying the perfect Tee?

To avoid the gut belly or man breast, buying the T-shirt fit for you is important. So you have to consider a few things before spending that cash:

Men's T-Shirt

Know Your T-Shirt Size

It may not be your favorite thing to do when you shop, but heading to the fitting room to try on your Tees is necessary. Men are constantly fluctuating in weight, either putting on some lb’s or losing them. So try on a few sizes and find out what fits best.

Decide The Fit and Neckline

Do you like a loose or snug fit? Do you like short or long sleeves? Do you like a round or V-neck? These are questions you need to ask yourself in order to feel and look good in your T-shirt.



Guys, if you didn’t know that sunglasses are like shoes and that you should have multiple pairs to sport with different outfits, then you are late to the game! Different occasions call for different ensembles, therefore a variety of sunglasses are needed.

June, July and August are on their way so you need to prepare for the beach, basketball games, weddings, biking, camping and other fun and crazy things you dudes do during the summer.

So be boss and head to the mall or online for some new shades! One of the top brands I recommend is Wileyx EyeWear. This brand was the sunglass brand featured in the box office hit American Sniper. Their eyewear was seen throughout the entire movie, worn by A-list star Bradley Cooper.

Wileyx EyeWear is sleek, comfortable and carries a wide selection of choices to fit your lifestyle. Check out their website and let me know which ones you end up getting. Visit them at


Adriana Michelle  – Originally hailing from San Jose, California, this Angeleno has resided in the city of Los Angeles for the past 9 years. The city of Angels is where she calls home and is continuing to build a great life for herself in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

At 27 years young, she is currently publishing her own online magazine — — where she focuses on all things celebrity, entertainment, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and more. With AMBmagazine and her past achievements as Miss Los Angeles Latina 2013, she has made valuable relationships with many established and startup brands throughout the world. She is serving those brands as brand ambassador and digital marketer to bring her audience up to speed on the latest products, news, reviews and videos.

Written by: Adriana Michelle

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