As single men, we all know there are some locations that are not conducive to meeting quality women, or we should know better than try to meet women at certain spots. Of course “knowing better” depends on a wide variety of factors such as: time of day, the amount of alcohol consumed, prescribed medications  that regulate serotonin levels and in many cases, our degree of desperation.

As an ongoing public service announcement, to those who are maybe unsure, we will list sites you should never  speak/flirt/or pick-up a woman. However, men being men,  if certain circumstances . . .  “arise” and you feel this is an impossibility, we have provided some “top tens” that pertain to your particular circumstance.

Your Psychiatrist’s Office

Ok, you’ve made it official. You are seeking professional help.

This is a serious life changing event.

So why not share it with someone?

Simple. First impressions in your psychiatrist’s office might not be a good barometer for a life-long commitment.

But if you are interested in more than a threesome with Sybil and her imaginary friends then . . .

The Top Ten Pick-Up Lines to Use in Your Psychiatrist’s Office

10. You look a lot like my mother.

9. Nothing makes me hotter than codependency. Green Twitter

8. So, are you addicted to love or afraid of it?

7. I’ve got quite a bit of an oral fixation myself.

6. I have this reoccurring dream where a milkman from the fifties rides a camel through a flaming mansion.

5. Would you like to have sex and then paint our emotions afterwards?

4. Do I look like your father?

3.  I’m a strong, supportive male figure.

2. Mania? That means you’ll probably do anyone.

And the number one pick-up line to use in your psychiatrist’s office – “More like border “fine” personality disorder.”

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Written by: Paxton Grace

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