Why I Prep

Have you ever wondered why people prep these days? Why the family down the street is pulling in a bunker? I’m going to tell you, from my account, why there over 3 million preppers in the USA alone. Yes, people think we’re crazy, that we’re just paranoid, but after you

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Just imagine… You see her from across the room. As you slowly approach her, you notice some subtle clues about how to approach her. Within a couple minutes of talking to her, you both leave for an intimate evening. If this is what you expect to be able to do after

Focus on Self-Compassion to Overcome Hardships

Zachary Durisko, PhD – Freelance writer, editor, and scientist. Research Fellow, Evolutionary Ecology of Health Research Laboratories, McMaster University, Ontario.Dr. Durisko is a researcher in Evolutionary Psychiatry and Behavioral Ecology with several peer-reviewed academic articles. His research focuses on how human history has shaped the way we think. His work is revolutionizing how we understand mental illness, especially depression. His PhD is in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Animal Behavior.

I Left Mars For This?!

I Left Mars For This® Get ready to learn! Get ready to laugh! And maybe ever once in a while . . . be prepared to feel challenged. While others are constructing moats . . . we try to build bridges! And we assure you, there is never a dull moment on I Left Mars For This? Thank you so much for spending time with us! The I Left Mars For This Productions,


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